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Experience a TOTAL vacation...not just another hunt.

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     Bear Track Outfitters, Inc.  is one of the top outfitters in the Rocky Mountain West.  We're very proud of that!  You can book with us knowing you won't be "ripped off."  Most of our guides are personal friends who have been with us for years.  We specialize in mule deer and antelope and have done so since 1983.

     We aim to give you as much information about our hunts as possible.  That's why we prefer to speak with prospective clients by phone, so please call us if you're considering one of our hunts.  It's a good idea to book early.   The first of December is a good time to call, but the earlier the better to lock in preferred dates.

     We've found that the single most important thing our hunters can bring with them -- next to a license -- is an enthusiastic attitude.  A sincere desire to hunt is important, too, if you hope to bag a real trophy.  The big ones get that way by being very elusive and "smart."

     Our successful hunters work hard to get a good shot.  We'll do everything we can to help you bag that trophy, but physical fitness, determination, and real familiarity with your rifle are essential.  We suggest some exercise and lots of practice with your weapon of choice at quick, close targets, as well as long range ones.  This kind of advance work will help you enjoy a truly remarkable big game hunt.

     A quality hunt should not be measured by the size of the trophy. We suggest you come out west to enjoy a meaningful experience first, and to fill your game tags second.

T.J. Tavegie, Wyoming Licensed Outfitter BG#212

Please contact us for a complete price list and additional information.

Hunter Safety
All rifle hunters born on or after January 1, 1966 must have and carry written certification on their person.

All photos are from our 2016 hunts.

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Wyoming License #BG-212

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