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Archery Deer/Antelope Hunts

Archery hunts take place during the month of September.  Antelope hunts utilize comfortable water hole blinds, decoying and stalking.  Mule deer hunts are all spot and stalk.  All hunts are conducted on our private leases.  We've had some of our leases since 1985.  We know our property well.

Expect to see lots of game and have many opportunities at good, quality bucks.  We hunt sun up to sun down.  Archery mule deer hunts are one on one adventures.

The best chance for success is to practice quick shots, especially for mule deer.  Average shots are 30 to 35 yards for deer but practice out to 50.  Antelope is the same but some waterhole shots could be closer.

For mule deer, practice from kneeling, sitting and standing positions to enhance your chances for success.  Also downhill shooting, most shots for mule deer are from above a bedded or feeding buck.

As for equipment, of utmost importance is your confidence and familiarity with your setup and gear.  Being able to draw your bow in multiple positions is key, especially for mule deer.

Prepare for all types of weather.  September can be hot and dry or cold and wet, all on the same hunt.  Check the internet for a weather forecast before you come and equip yourself accordingly.

All lodging and meals are provided as is on all our rifle hunts.  Our lodge is located at the base of the beautiful Big Horn Mountains.

Please contact us for a complete price list and additional information.

All photos are from our 2016 hunts.

Home | Rifle Deer & Antelope Hunts | Archery Deer/Antelope Hunts | References | Links
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