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Rifle Deer & Antelope

     North Central Wyoming is one of the best areas in the state for combination deer and antelope hunts.  We operate in the heart of this prime hunting habitat, in Region C.  We control the hunting and harvest on several hundred thousand acres of prime private leases and have controlled the harvest on these properties for many years.  You'll have plenty of elbow room on our hunts.

     We offer several 5-day trips throughout October.  In our area, the best time for trophies is anytime during the season -- period!  We can say that because we limit the number of hunters on any one lease to provide excellent hunting for each client.  Licenses for both deer and antelope are easily obtained in our areas.
     Our success is at or near 100% every year.  The mule deer range from 20" - 28" 4X4 bucks and antelope averaging 12" - 16".  If you must have trophies larger than these, you should consider hunting elsewhere.  Trophy bucks are usually hard to come by any time, any place, but we do get our share.

     We usually have one guide per two hunters and hunt both on foot and with 4-wheel drives.

     The weather in early October is usually warm, but during the month it can get really cold and snowy.  Terrain hunted varies from gently rolling to mighty rough and steep.  We can make your hunt as easy or as tough as you like.  Ranch elevations range from 4,000 to 6,000 feet.

     All of our hunts in Wyoming originate from our lodge near Buffalo.  Our facilities feature comfortable, individual heated bedrooms for each party of four hunters, including private baths.  All meals - the best - are served right here at the lodge.  The facility also boasts a warm, comfortable recreation area featuring a crackling fire, card tables and a pool table for your enjoyment.

     An average shot is 200 yards.  Therefore, we recommend a flat-shooting rifle with a caliber in the .243 to one of the 7mm magnums.  Some .30 calibers are alright, too.  Corresponding bullets in the weight range, 100-150 grains, with long-range styles are the best for mule deer and antelope.  A fine middle-of-the-road caliber is the .270 win. with a 130-grain bullet weight.

     We prefer a bolt-action rifle equipped with a 3X9 scope.  From experience we don't recommend semi-automatic or iron-sighted guns.  Your rifle should be sighted in 2-3 inches high at 100 yards.   We highly recommend that you use a bi-pod.  It offers an excellent rest for steady shots and can make the difference between a trophy bagged and one lost!

     One last suggestion.  Sight in your rifle well before your trip, and PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!

     After you've filled your deer and antelope tags, your hunt isn't over.  In addition to varmint hunting, sight-seeing and upland game bird hunting, we also offer fishing for brook, cutthroat, and rainbow trout.  These extra adventures are not afterthoughts.  We plan them with the same care that goes into our big game hunts -- for your maximum enjoyment.

We also offer deer only and antelope only hunts - contact us for details.

Please contact us for a complete price list and additional information.

All hunting photos are from our 2017 hunts.

Hunter Safety
All rifle hunters born on or after January 1, 1966 must have and carry written certification on their person.

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